HyperBowling at Hollywood Bowl
Hyperbowling at Hollywood Bowl

The exciting new bowling game where everyone has a shot of winning!

Packed with multiple levels and challenges, HyperBowling is great for all ages; making it the perfect game to level the playing field. Available at our Norwich and Lakeside bowling centres.

With 4 games to choose from this new found experience is super easy to master, and combined with its video game-like technology, HyperBowl takes bowling to a whole new level.

Have any questions? Read our HyperBowling FAQs page.

*HyperBowl is bookable online at Norwich, between Mon-Sun at all times.

HyperBowl is bookable online at Lakeside for weekdays between Mon-Thur all day, and until 5pm on Friday. For weekend bowling, HyperBowl is available to be booked online from 7pm on Sunday.

To book HyperBowl at Lakeside outside of these times, please call a member of the team on 0844 826 4282^, or request a call back below.

See it, Play it, Live it!

Bowling like you’ve never experienced before!

How to play

  • Hit the coloured target on the lanes
  • Each coloured target is a multiplier
  • Coloured targets are: Green x 2, Blue x 3, Gold/Yellow x 5, Purple x 10
  • Each pin knocked down = a score of 100 (2 pins = 200, 4 pins = 400)
  • Total score for throw = multiplier x pins score
  • ‘3x’ x 900 = 2700. This equals: Blue x (9 pins x 100) = 2700
  • Beware of fouls, throw too hard and it’s a zero
  • Hit the red target and you score a zero

Watch our how to play explainer videos here.


HyperBowl can be enjoyed by everyone and is a great place to start to get your hands on just how much fun and challenging it can be.
In this game you take aim at colourful targets on the sides of the lanes to multiply your pinfall, while leveling up to more challenging levels. With 12 levels to choose from and 5 challenges per level, take your shot at activating the gold multiplier once you reach level 5, and go ahead and multiply the fun!

Watch our how to play explainer video here!


HyperBowl Pro takes HyperBowl to the next step. Delivering the same mechanics and scoring as HyperBowl, Pro escalates the shots for a game aimed at families that love a bigger challenge! Built for the competitive player who loves complex targets and bigger scoring risks, HyperBowl Pro isn’t a game to miss!
Played in the same style as HyperBowl, HyperBowl Pro raises the playing field with harder levels and firm target rules!

Watch our how to play explainer video here!

HYPER active

Become part of the competition in this wild and crazy game! Perfect for the ultimate kids party or family get together, Hyper Active lights up the whole of the lane for a truly colourful experience.
You can even snap your own picture and join in on the action, as you take over characters on the screen. So take your shot at hitting the right colours to multiply the pins… but make sure you avoid the red!
With 6 levels of difficulty and 5 challenges per level, Hyper Active mixes skill and luck with its moving targets and game changing multipliers. Watch out for Buster who will drop your score to Zero, whenever you hit the red lights!

Watch our how to play explainer video here!

HYPER squad

This game is all about lane territory. The objective? Work together to accumulate as much territory and get the biggest score possible! Starting off with an unlit lane, you and your team-mates work against the opposing team, trying to get the sides of the lane lit in your team colour.
A hit in a dark area lights that section and claims your territory. Beware of hitting the enemy territory or getting a foul, or you will be guilty of siding with the enemy.

Watch our how to play explainer video here!

Call the team on 0844 826 4282^ to book now, or fill out an enquiry form and we'll get back to you. For any questions, check out our HyperBowling FAQs page.

^ Call charges apply

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HyperBowling at Hollywood Bowl

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